Top 3 IoT Social Media Influencers

  1. Tony Fadell(@TFadell)

    Tony FadellThe infamous Nest boss has been under scrutiny lately for his alleged less than pleasant demeanor, however there is no denying that Tony Fadell is a social media powerhouse among IoT influencers.  Since the $3.2 billion sale of his connected home startup, Nest, Fadell has been busy as a Google executive and amassing quite the social media following.

By the numbers:

Fadell boasts an impressive amount of followers, and according to Klear.img_0014com , has achieved “Celeb” status for achieving 1,620 retweets in the month of April. In addition, his brand is consistent across social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook Business Page, and Twitter).

Why is Tony Influential?

Not many entrepreneurs on the IoT startup scene have reached unicorn status (valuation of $1 billion+), which immediately differentiates Tony from his peers.  Not only did he build a multi billion dollar IoT brand, but he sold it to arguably the most influential technology companies in the world – Google.

2.  Glen Gilmore (@glengilmore)

Glen Gilmore

Glen Gilmore is a marketing strategist and has been recognized in Forbe’s Top 20 Social Media Power Influencers.  He is recognized for his expertise in marketing and IoT, two fields which are rapidly blending together, positioning Glen to be the go-to-thought leader on the subject.

By the numbers:

Gilmore blows Fadell away with 320k+ Twitter followers.  Like Fadell, Gilmore has earned’s “Celeb” distinction based on his massive following and engagement on Twitter.  In addition, Gilmore is well-rounded across brand consistent platforms.  He has over 500+ (where LinkedIn stops counting, as he’s likely in the thousands) connections on LinkedIn, has 4820 Facebook friends, and has 7,900 Google+ followers.

Why is Glen Influential?

Glen stays incredibly active on social media.  According to’s analysis, Glen posts an average of 21.9 times per day on Twitter.  This compare’s to Tony Fadell who posts fewer than 1 message per day.  He posts consistent, quality content with high frequency and the more times he is recognized by trusted institutions, the more his following grows (as does his sphere of influence).

3.  Timo Elliott (@timoelliott)

Timo Elliott

Timo Elliott is an established entrepreneur in the technology space, with over 25 years working in the business, Timo has a wealth of experience that he has used to inform his brand of “innovation evangelism”.  Timo has a great blog, which can be found here.  Timo spends a lot of time focusing on marketing and big data, which are two key components at work behind the scenes in IoT.

By the numbers:

Timo has an impressive Twitter following of 18k.  In addition, rates him as “Very Popular” with over 170RT’s in April.  Timo has over 500+ LinkedIn connections and 204 followers on Google+.

Why is Timo influential?

Like Glen, Timo is very active on Twitter.  Klear states he posts on average 6.5 Tweets/Day.  His responsiveness is rated as very friendly, and his content is always compelling.  Timo leverages content marketing to provide a lot of great insight and analysis for free.  This is in sync with Hubspot’s strategy of giving your best content for free to build brand loyalty.  Timo’s influence continues to grow daily, and his input will potentially shape IoT’s future.



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